Citicoline Supports Higher Brain Function

Citicoline Supports Higher Brain Function

The Benefits of Citicoline You Should Know!

If you are new to the benefits of Citicoline, you should know that it is a naturally occurring compound that your brain uses to work correctly. Citicoline supplements can be taken orally in order to support higher brain function and restore the cognitive mechanisms within the brain.

What Exactly is Citicoline?

Citicoline is a naturally-occurring brain chemical that comprises part of your brain’s building block of cell membranes. Other names that Citicoline is known by include 5-Cytidine diphosphate choline, Cytidine Diphosphocholine and Cytidinediphosphocholine.

What is Citicoline Used For?

Citicoline is widely used for conditions related to brain function. It is believed that Citicoline is a key component that is needed by the brain in order to perform all brain activities, including memory and cognitive function. 

How Was Citicoline Discovered?

Citicoline was originally discovered in Asia. It was developed in Japan to treat victims of stroke who had lost some cognitive function due to the complications of stroke. As the efficacy of Citicoline was proven, it then spread rapidly throughout Europe in the form of a prescription drug. Today, Citicoline is still prescribed by European physicians for patients dealing with cognitive decline due to circulatory and vascular problems. In the United States, Citicoline is available as a dietary supplement without a prescription.

What Are The Benefits of Citicoline?

Numerous benefits can be gained by supplementing with citicoline. Taken orally, citicoline has been shown to improve long-term circulatory issues in the body that lead to cerebrovascular disease. Cerebrovascular disease is a condition that inhibits the proper circulation of blood and fluids throughout the brain for effective cognition skills. With the addition of citicoline in the diet as a supplement, the improved blood circulation in the brain can lead to better memory and clearer thinking. Citicoline can help reduce the number of times that you “forget” the little things or can’t remember everyday things like where you left your keys.

Another common use for citicoline is to improve mood. Neurotransmitters within the brain are partially responsible for the way you feel through your waking hours. When those neurotransmitters are not functioning at their peak, you may feel sad or even depressed. Even though things may be going well for you, you may feel unable to conjure up feelings of happiness about your situation. You may wonder why this is, but the problem could be in your brain, not your heart. Citicoline is often recommended by therapists to improve the mood so that you do not feel so depressed. Citicoline works gently over time. It’s recommended that you choose a quality Citicoline ingredient that is soy free, non-GMO, corn free and gluten free. This will ensure the purest citicoline supplement possible for your needs.

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