New Zealand's Astaxanthin is one of the most potent in the world

New Zealand's Astaxanthin is one of the most potent in the world

New Zealand produced Astaxanthin has been voted one of the most potent Astaxanthins in the world. It is unique as it is a New Zealand world first product of algae that originates from Haematococcus pluvialis, a microalgae that produces a protective antioxidant in response to light or other environmental stresses. Astaxanthin is the most powerful natural antioxidant in the world. As a free radical absorption, Astaxanthin is 65 times more powerful than Vitamin C, 54 times more powerful than Beta Carotene and 14 times more powerful than vitamin E. 

Plantonin's AstaNZ Plus natural Astaxanthin supports the body's natural oxidative defences against free radicals. Astaxanthin takes a couple of weeks of supplementation as it does not work overnight but rather bioaccumulates in the body.

Benefits of our Plantonin AstaNZ Plus include:

  • Supports Cardio Health
  • Supports Skin Health
  • Supports Eye Health
  • Supports Joint Health

Plantonin's AstaNZ implements a unique cultivation process that mimics astaxanthin accumulation in nature, utilising mountain spring water and natural ultraviolet rays from the sunshine. Consuming Plantonin's AstaNZ Plus is considered to be environmentally sustainable as it causes no environmental damage to other marine life, unlike the environmental damage that can be caused by over fishing.

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