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Mental and Physical Wellness Value Pack

Mental and Physical Wellness Value Pack

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Looking to support your mental focus and physical wellbeing? Get on top of your game and be competitive mentally and physically with the support of Plantonin's Wellness Value pack. Our hero product, Brain Alert Plus has a unique synergistic formula that has Citicoline and Bacopa as the primary ingredients as they have been scientifically proven to support brain function. Other stacked ingredients include Lion’s Mane to aid nerve health, PS with Lecithin and Rhodiola to support brain function, PQQ to help support cell heath, Enzogenol to support antioxidant and B vitamins to help support cell health. Plantonin’s mental and physical wellness Value pack also includes AstaNZ Plus, a New Zealand natural astaxanthin for muscle support, and Krill Oil Plus from the Antarctic, for heart health. Buy Plantonin’s Wellness Value pack today.

Brain Alert Plus + AstaNZ Plus + Krill Oil Plus

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