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Nootripic is a synthetic or natural compound that can assist with enhancing mental performance and can also help to promote long-term brain health. It can increase your focus and concentration, attention and mood.

Plantonin products undergo vigorous quality control and quality assurance checks during, and after the manufacturing process. Plantonin has its products independently validated by a specialist third party auditing company to ensure our products are of the highest standard. Particular attention is paid to ensure that the products are pure, potency and labelling is accurate.

Sometimes additives are necessary to ensure the quality of supplements. Plantonin chooses to avoid artificial additives to keep our products pure for our customers. Some artificial colourings and additives can be counterproductive to the benefits a supplement provide. Plantonin ensures its products are additive free.

All the ingredients in Plantonin nootropic products are legal and safe in all countries. Plantonin does not contain any banned products and complies with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) recommendations which ensures it can be taken by professional and amateur athletes.

All Plantonin's nootropic products are suitable for vegans and are made with natural vegan-friendly ingredients.

Plantonin supplements have been designed, formulated and manufactured in New Zealand.

Plantonin is distributed in North America by amazon.com and South East Asia and Australia from our warehouse in Auckland, New Zealand.

Use Plantonin Pain Relief at the recommended dosage for 60-days (up to 2 bottle) and Brain Alert at the recommended dosage for 30-days (up to 1 bottle). If you are not satisfied, simply return the empty bottle within 60 days for a prompt and full product refund (minus any shipping costs).